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Is there any built-in control in ActiveWidgets for displaying a pop-up window similar to Modal window?

August 29,
No, there is no ActiveWidgets control for popup window.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 31,

I have embedd HREFs with javascript for onmouseover and onclick directly into cells, including calls to third-party javascript routines, including Walter Zorn's tooltip. I can provide you with an example if needed.
Brian Crandall
August 31,
Thanks Brian for the reply.
Can you please provide me an example for pop-up?

Thainks in advance,
September 1,
September 1,

All you need to do is put your normal HTML code for a popup into the cell for the text (I use the jaavscript array method described in the AW help pages). Here is the code to call Walter Zorn's tooltip (available at www.walterzorn.com):

<cfset display_value = "<a href='javascript:;' onmouseover=" & chr(34) & "Tip('#my_comment#', TITLE, 'Full Comment Text', WIDTH, 500, BGCOLOR, '##ffffcc')" & chr(34) & " onmouseout=" & chr(34) & "UnTip()" & chr(34) & ">" & #my_comment# & "</a>">

I use ColdFusion, so the CFSET is to set a variable. Code with # tags represents variable names. Since this HTML requires a mix of single and double quotes, it requires some careful building. My ColdFusion string delimiter is the double quote, so when I actually want a double quote in the string I use CHR(34). The extra # in from of the BGCOLOR is also for ColdFusion, as it uses # as a tag it must be "escaped".

Once "display_value" is set, I add it to my javascript array of column values.

I also use straight HREFs for page redirects:

<cfset display_value = "<a href='My_New_Page.cfm?field1=#field1_value#&field2=#field2_value#' title='Branch to new screen' onMouseOver=" & chr(34) & "window.status='Branch to new screen'; return true" & chr(34) & " onMouseOut=" & chr(34) & "window.status=''; return true" & chr(34) & ">" & #my_data_value# & "</a>">

The following code uses javascript and ONCLICK to open a new window with my own popup window:

<cfset display_value = "<a href='javascript:;' title='click to view full help text' onClick=" & chr(34) & "MM_openBrWindow(Pop_Up_Viewer.cfm?field1=#field1_value#&field2=#field2_value#','','menubar=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=550,height=250,left=200,top=200')" & chr(34) & " onMouseOver=" & chr(34) & "window.status='click to view full help text'; return true" & chr(34) & " onMouseOut=" & chr(34) & "window.status=''; return true" & chr(34) & ">" & #my_data_value# & "</a>">

MM_openBRwindow is just a wrapper for window.open:

function MM_openBrWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0

You should be able to embed any "normal" HTML in your cells, but you need to be careful with the single and double quotes that may be required.

Hope that helps.
Brian Crandall
September 1,
Thanks Brian for the example. I will try it out.
September 3,

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