Updating Grid Cells From Child Window

I am struggling to update a cell in an AW.GRID on a parent window from a child window. I can update the innerHTML element of the <span> tag but if you edit the cell, you loose the value posted.

This is my attempt to pass a value back (Col and roware the col and row numbers that I passed to the child window via $_GET)

[code[opener.document.getElementById('aw37-cell-'+col+'-'+row).innerHTML = ‘test’;[/code]

This works and puts the text into the cell but I can do noting with it??

opener.document.getElementById('aw37-cell-'+col+'-'+row).value  = ‘test’;
This doesn’t
opener.document.getElementById('aw37-cell-'+col+'-'+row).setCellText()  = ‘test’;
This doesn’t
This doesn’t
Please help
Jez (True Track Software)
January 14,
I am by no means an expert - but anytime i have to do grid updates i always use a reference to the grid and update both my data array (since thats what im using) as well as in some cases it requires a setCellText.

Now - none of this may be news to you, but if you are already passing col & row to the child window - why not also pass a variable that is a reference to the grid?

If you cant pass that reference - theres a way to get the grid reference from other information.
Ben W (ScheduleForce)
January 17,
Thanks for your advice any help is always appreciated.

I spent hours delving into the DOM of the grid and managed to update the INPUT but in the end it was very simple once I realised that you can use the AW built in functions of the parent Object as follows: -


OBJ = the parent window AW.INPUT (var OBJ = new AW.UI.Input;)



OBJ = the parent window AW.GRID (var OBJ = new AW.UI.Grid;)

Jez (True Track Software)
January 18,

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