Font colour for a disabled Input Box

Hi Alex,

Hoping you can help. I've got a load of disabled input boxes - all fine except I'm trying to set the font colour to black instead of the default grey. I've tried manually:


This works fine in Firefox but no luck in IE.

I've searched your css but no luck with my changes.

I'm on 2.5.3.

Many Thanks.
Charles Dean
August 21,
August 21,
Thanks for the idea but no change I'm afraid. Works fine in Firefox just not in IE. Anything I can do with changing the CSS ??
Charles Dean
August 25,
There is no way to change the disabled input text color in IE (IE ignores CSS color and always paints text in grey). In all other browsers you can use CSS -

.aw-disabled-control INPUT {
    color: red!important;

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 25,

Thanks for confirming. Don't suppose you have any bright ideas of how to solve this in IE ?? - perhaps just a block on editing ?

Many Thanks

Charles Dean
August 25,

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