Primary Key for each record

Dear all,

Can I have these behaviour?

multiple select record,
click on any cell of a record return the primary key

like the "multiple selection.htm" in examp "\ActiveWidgets\examples\grid"
store primary key instead of row number.

Looking forward for you reply.

: ) great work!!! Author, you should gain many $$
October 14,

You can have a hidden column for PK and pick it from there for given row number :-B
Sudhaker Raj
October 14,
Actually you can assign your own keys or column IDs and use them instead of default row or column indexes, more details here:


P.S. I like comment re $$ :-) how about buying a license ;-) ???
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 14,
Thanks! I get it.

However, I'm a small potato in the company...no say in $$....
October 15,

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