Conflict with Prototype library

I want to use the grid in an application with the Sproutcore framework, however there seems to be a conflict between 2.5.2 and prototype

I reviewed this forum, and found posts saying that the grid was modified to play well with prototype 1.4, and indeed it seemed to work for me when I tested with prototype

Using prototype breaks the grid, which is unfortunate, as Sproutcore is written on top of 1.6.

Des Lownds
August 15,

I'm using ActiveWidgets 2.5.2 with prototype without any problems.
However, I'm not using Sproutcore.

Does the browser produce any javascript error message ?
What's the browser and platform you are using ?
Do you have a url or screenshot showing the problem ?

Ankur Motreja
August 16,
Very strange, I must have missed something else, because it is indeed working now. Very sorry to mislead.
Des Lownds
August 18,
Nope, I finally came back to this, there is indeed some problem in the object instantiation code for new AW.CSV.table, when prototype 1.6 is also loaded. The object that gets returned has the AW.System.Object methods, but not request or its own methods.
Des Lownds
August 28,

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