Are you guys nuts? Who decided on these prices?

Your grid is terrific work and deserves recompense. But your prices are just plain crazy, especially in light of Yahoo basically giving all their widgets away for free:


It's my understanding that a grid is forthcoming... and to be honest, I trust their developers to get it right considering their usership. What's more, they actually have coherent documentation!

Sorry guys... You blew it and lost a potential customer.

February 14,

Sorry Dave!!

It's not apple to apple comparison. They do not have anything like this grid. But guess YUI will be great when matured...
Sudhaker Raj
February 14,
Hey Sudhaker, it's nice to heard from you here again !!
And glad to see that "strong-spirit" is still with you as always.
Keep staying ( we need your knowledge and samples ).
February 14,
1.0 was GPL'd. Maybe someone will come along and add the new 2.0 features to the code?
Robert Macey
February 14,
Because 1.0 is GPL another project could expand it if I am right as long as they keep the original copyright owners information in the source code
February 15,

Long live ActiveWidgets, but open-source people also have right to get things in return as AW got free testing and support (by other users) by community.

Well, I am not happy to see no GPL license in 2.0. I had plan to use this grid for few free/open source projects. Now I won't be able to use v 2.0 :-( I have good hold of 1.0.x code base and should be able to extend it for my purpose... So, not a big deal...

Let me know if we can form a group of people who are interested in forking and maintaining GPL version.

Sudhaker Raj
Sudhaker Raj
February 16,
>Let me know if we can form a group of people who are interested in >forking and maintaining GPL version.

I'm in!
Hal Wagner
February 16,
Well, good luck, guys. Obviously I will not participate in this, but if you manage to do something decent - it will benefit everyone.

Just hope you will respect the license and copyright.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 16,
Felt I had to comment on this.

I am in the final phases of testing AW to ensure it will do everything I need it to do.

Once happy with it, I do not have any issues in paying for this. The controls are good and the grids are great.

Hoping to be a commercial customer shortly.

February 16,
Hey Bodit, did u become a commercial customer yet? it;s almost a year now.
January 4,
It seems support has gone down as much as prices have gone up, and it's still buggy as hell, we'll be looking at more viable options, pity, this looked to have promise at one time.
January 4,
See this is what bites about open source, it's never finished and then you're on your own, plus you have to pay anyway...??? I'm going back to Microsoft, at least they finish what they start.
January 4,

I love it when people give up.... I work with 20 non-computer savvy people who give up the first sign of any trouble at all.....

If you put in the time to get it to work, I can attest that 99.999% of what you want to accomplish will work. That remainder .001% is where you compromise and still get at least most of what you want.

But then, I remember Visual Studio and all of Microsoft's ... er... 'genius' ... was the same way.

So, George and frankiez gave up too quickly. I am allowed to say that since my project is still in development and I am still using AW because I worked PAST the few obstacles and realized it was MY CODE that was the problem, NOT AW!

So once again, Great Job Alex! Sure I'll pay for it... I am using it for a commercial purpose... oh wait... that's what open source is! Using it for commercial purpose's sometimes means paying for it!

And lastly, frankiez... Microsoft does finish what they start. You are right. So go pay license fees for everything they offer. Enjoy.

The thing I respect most about Alex, Carlos, Sudhaker, Jim (Friends of AW), etc. is that they have problem solving skills. That means they don't say 'OH no!'.... but instead they say "Well... that didn't work. Let's try this..."

Keep it up guys.
John Mason
January 5,
Oh and one last piece of info....

I found everything I needed when I became a commercial customer.

Look forward to the next release Alex!
John Mason
January 5,
I have to join John on that. I have put in a lot of time adding enhancements that I need (I hope to share them on the forum soon). This library is great and with some effort I am convinced that almost anything you want to do can be done. We've come a long way since CGI.

The price compared to competitors is very reasonable. People have been spoiled by Open Source code. But if you want someone to put in this amount of time and effort (and it is obvious Alex has), you should expect to pay for that service!!!

I still feel that the documentation needs to be brought up to speed. I have no problem sifting through the support forum for answers - I've spent hours doing it and my wife now jokes about me going on my "geek forum". But at some point, a full API library would be an expectation.
January 5,
One more thing - John - I'm a commercial customer as well - what support differences have you found? Is it simply becasue you were then committed to the product? I'm not aware of anything other than the forum. Just curious about your last comment...
January 5,
I have to agree with John and Joel.
I'm relatively new here - I got to know about AW somewhere in Sep 2006 when I was evaluating a bunch of grids for my project.
So, I don't know about it from when it was open source.

AW is the most flexible of all the grids I evaluated and is comparable in price to most of them - in fact its cheaper than some on my list. Most others lock you into the way they do things. With AW, I had a lot more room to modify the grid as I wanted it - horizontal panels with custom elements, use another ajax library instead of AW's built in functions, introduce drag-drop features into the grid, easily extend its inbuilt classes, etc. So I bought a commercial license a month later and don't regret it.

Yes, documentation could be better, but the forums, Alex's detailed replies and the source code you get with the commercial license make up for it quite a bit. The docs at this stage are sufficient to get most things done.

The library has a solid foundation. I am able to do a lot more with it as I read more and more of the source code. Alex has done a great job of designing this library. There are a lot of javascript and CSS tricks I learnt after seeing them in action in AW and then searching and reading up about them - and I've only scratched the surface of this library.

Overall, the price is quite reasonable for the quality of coding and flexibility you get.

Ankur Motreja
January 5,
I don't understand why people complain about the price. I have been programming since early 80s and the tools I've bought costed much more than the AW(considering its features). Evaluated many products and I think the AW has alot more features than any other products I've looked. AW really saves me alot of time and coding and I'm happy to pay for it because what I receive from my client is much much more!

Keep up the good work Alex!

January 6,
Thank you very much for your comments, guys.

There was a very heated discussion in this forum a year ago about 'commercial' vs. 'open source' and I don't want to start this again. Just want to say that I understand how much work still has to be done regarding the functionality, stability, documentation etc. The development of AW goes on, though maybe not always as fast as I wish. And the goal is still the same - produce reliable, compact and fast GUI toolkit.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 6,
This is a great product and worth every penny of the license.
Documentation is difficult to comprehend however.
The examples are fine and complete.
The forum however i must say sucks. It is impossible to find things with multiple options. I do use google for it however it sometimes misses some messages.

Is there any way we can submit bugs or see all the current bugs at one place?
April 24,

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