Version 2.0???

I was just curious when Version 2 of Active Widgets might be coming out. I read on another forum topic here that it would inculde the ability to add and edit cells within the data grids possibly. I am very interested in this feature. I just thought I would ask and see if anyone might know. Thanks for your time.
October 11,
The version 2.0 (alpha) should come pretty soon (this year :-).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 11,

If it is a stable as 1.0, then let me be the first in line!
You have done a wonderful job so far, and if you need any help with ASP coding or interfacing, just let me know!

October 12,
Is there any news about when version 2 is released?
Is it somewhere near the end of this month or are we talking about december?

I'm especially interested in fixing the position of multiple colums when you scroll to right/left.

We need a grid which works exactly like this one only with few fixed colums. We are defining the functional design a this moment.

tnx in advance!
October 12,

its more likely for the alpha to be in December and then 2-3 months before the final release. So far I can confirm that multiple fixed columns (on the left) and grid footer will be available in 2.0.

Does anybody need also fixed columns on the right :-) ?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 14,
ya ... we need also fixed columns on the right :-D
November 30,
andin the middle!
November 30,

I'm currently working on a very large project (Requirements Gathering and some Prototyping) where this grid may be used. There are a couple of situations where fixed columns on the right would be useful. Also, do you plan to have ToolTip’s available within the grid? Some of the fields we would be working with are quite large and a ToolTips would come in handy.

I haven't had a lot of time to do investigating, but does version 1.0 have automatic paging capabilities when row counts exceed a certain limit?
November 30,
Automatic paging doesn't make sense with this grid model. The grid is very capable of displaying large amounts of data quickly. If you want to create paging, it wouldn't be hard to have a couple of external buttons that simply fetched a new array from the server, then update the properties of the grid and call refresh() on the grid. But since the grid only deals with the data on the page and doesn't do the fetching of the data, it wouldn't know how to get more data.
Now if there was a navigator control that could be linked to the grid that had the ability to use custom code for the PageUp and PageDown buttons, this might be cool. I have one written for a grid that I wrote, I'll see what I can do to create it using the toolkit and post it for everyone.
Jim Hunter
December 3,
As I recall, paging (rowsets) can be server-intensive, creating scaleability issues.
May 5,
Just curious if there is any word on when the release of Version 2.0 might be available?

Matthew Luke
May 10,
Me too.
May 12,
And me
June 15,
Do you think there is someone like developer in ActiveWidges firm? I think this firm does not longer exist, we are waiting for version 2.0 but there is no one from the other side. It's only a forum somewhere in Internet!
June 28,
No, it is not that bad. Just the task was more difficult than I originally thought.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 28,
I am testing the product. the basis are great for me, despite remaining bugs.
but I hesitate to use it and therefore to buy because of the lack of maintenance (no new version since more then one year).
CAn we obtain some information? how many developers? forcast date of new release? ...
July 6,
I don't like showing unfinished work but I guess this time it is really necessary. Here are couple of samples of ActiveWidgets 2.0 (it is no longer just grid control):


Please don't forget that this is 'work in progress' and not even alpha yet. The timescales are available on the '2.0 status page':


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 6,
Alex this is looking really great. One thing although I think it is missing is taking a numeric column or money column and calculating the total for the footer.

That is one thing I think many people could use.
Mike W.
July 12,
I need to be able to add, modify and erase entire rows (or registers of a Database), is this possible with AW. I would also like to know if data-bound cells are possible or not. Thanks...

Ed M.
July 13,
I'm not sure about anyone else, but I would much prefer wider browser support of 1.1 than going ahead with 2.0.
July 13,
Can you please clarify what the licensing will be for the "standard" vs. "professional" versions of 2.0? Will the "professional" version be dual-licensed as well? I need the Opera/Safari support for a GPL application.
Art Cancro
July 13,

Wider browser support is one of the things that makes 2.0. It is a new generation tool that is requiring a lot of changes. Developers don't like to move backward, when you introduce new features (IE new browser support) you release them in new versions. Supporting Opera and the other esoteric browsers is NOT easy. I am surprised Alex is even going to be able to support them. As a developer myself, I know how strange Opera is and how hard it is going to be for Alex to support it. My vote is for the new features first, Opera support later. It is better, in my opinion, to have a great application (I don't do web pages, I do web applications) that can do more and simply tell the clients that not all browsers are supported. Believe me, they understand. Currently, my application only works on IE (not a limitation due to AW, but a limitation in some code I am using) and I have only had one person even want to use it on anything else and that was FireFox.
The more I read this thread, and others, I see that everyone wants everything and they want it yesterday. Alex is not a huge corporation but is doing quality work in spite of it. He puts out the features that people request as soon as humanly possible. So let him do his work, get the next version out. And then we can all sit back, evaluate that version, and make suggestions on how that version can be improved.
If you want to see features included in future releases, I suggest making a monetary donation to the cause. Nothing speaks louder then money.
Jim Hunter
July 13,

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