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I am using the CSV (AW.CSV.Table) as the Cell Model. However, when there is an Enter key in the data of a cell, the grid does not break the rows properly. Instead the data gets completely messed up. As per CSV standards, I am enclosing the cell data within double quotes in case there is an Enter key in the data.

On looking further in the code, in table.js the row split is done as text.split(/\r*\n/) where the problem could be. To replicate the issue, open \examples\grid data - csv text file\companies.csv in excel and put ALT-Enter somewhere in the data. The issue can then be observed in examples\grid data - csv text file\basic.html.

Do let me know if you have a solution for this or if I am doing something incorrect to handle this

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June 6,
The newline character in CSV is not supported by AW.CSV.Table. For this case you should either modify existing simple regex parser or use other format (XML).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 9,

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