All I want for Christmas is a simple select control

version 2.5.1

Scouring the forums and Google does not reveal a complete example of a proper select control a la html <select>. As a commercial user, I'm prepared to pay for a proper solution. Now, for a simple select. A proposed idea:

var obj = new AW.UI.Select;
obj.setItemText(["Home", "Favorites", "Font size", "Search"]);
obj.setItemOptions(["item 1","item 2","item 3","item 4"]);
obj.setItemImage(["home", "favorites", "fontsize", "search"]);
obj.setItemOptionSelected(3); // selects "Font Size"

An alternative is to disable the editability of a combo control.
June 2,
Combo editing can be disabled with -

obj.getContent("box/text").setAttribute("readonly", true);

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 3,

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