Set Combo selected item by other control

OK, next thing I can not get answer for... Nor here nor in the QuickRef...

If I select some grid row, values in the form should chande....

I have this for imputs:


So i tried something like this with the combo:


But that does not work... I know this is wrong, but I do not know how to make it better... Maybe by seting index or somethiung like that, but I do not know how...

The point is, that use the Combo as <select> so I need both the Value and The text to be changed to get ConrolValue... But if I try only with seText it wont set the index (resp. Value)
May 4,
Damn Copy&Paste...

the second code shoud be:


Cosmetic fault, but better for orientation..
May 4,
bump... :(

I need it urgently... please... :(:(:(
May 6,
Can anybody help me please ? I still did not found the way how to set the text/value in combo from other compontnt...

What I need is when I select row in grid to fill the form with apriorate values. It works for imputs, for checkboxes, but not for combos :(:(:(
May 11,
bump :(:(:(
May 13,
Could you explain your problem a bit better. Is the problem that you are trying to set the selected item of a AW.UI.Combo in code?
Karl Thoroddsen
May 14,
As I said, I have grid with Database populated records in the bottom half of the screen. In the upper half there is a form used to show/edit those data. (I do not want to have that editable in the grid, because the grid does not show al the data - some cols are hiden)

So when user selects the row in the grid I use apriorate method to update the data in the input controls, checBoxes etc. But I did not found the way how to do it with the Combo, because I do not want to set the text only, but I need the index to be selected too (used to populate text/value as with <select>)

Thanx in advice... Cause I am hanged on that :(
May 15,
bump :'(
June 1,

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