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We intend to use your librarie for a html based user forms. The application is written in C++.NET, and some forms we want to be designed in html, loaded in the webbrowser control.
Everything works fine with self created html. When we use ActiveWidgets, 4.5.1, a strange thing happens: opening the form for the first time with ShowDialog(), the ActiveWidgets controls work properly. Hiding the form and opening it again using ShowDialog, the ActiveWidgets controls do not respond any more (but the hint is still displayed correctly). If we use Show instead of ShowDialog, they work.
Any idea/workaround?
Cornel Stanciu
May 8,
You mention Show and ShowDialog method - could you clarify what is this? Are you talking of the .NET winform Form methods?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 9,
Sorry, I forgot to check the answer. Yes, I used the webbrowser control inside a windows form ..
When opening the form with Show, the ActiveWidgets controls work. When I use ShowDialog, they work only first time. In the event formclosing, I hide the form.
I load an XML in the html file .. and sometimes it seems that the activewidgtes are updated with a high delay.

As a workaround, but not reliable, I am reloading the page. In this case the activewidgets controls work, but some other things (maybe also because of microsoft) don't work properly every time.
Cornel Stanciu
May 16,

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