A Happy and Prosperous New Year

No one else has said it so i thought i'd get it in there.

I'm new here and to this concept of JS controls but not to development and the web. I must say, these are a great set of controls and they work a testiment to your work. The grid I havent played with yet but am looking forward to when i know know how to use it.

I hope 2007 will see more features on thes controls and very good documentation. I'm sure if you spent the time or invested in someone to do as good a job on the documentation as has been done on the controls, you will see high return on your investment in sales. When i saw these controls the decition was 75% made to use them. Looking through good documentation and trying good examples i would not still be deciding, i would be getting on and using them, without having to think too much about under the hood.

Keep up the good work Alex. I'd like to be able to speak with you or someone at some point but the only voice contact you have is v.mail. Is it posible to call you on another number?

Tim Edwards
January 4,
Tim, thank you for your kind words. For the conversation it would be best to agree the time over email in advance as I am not always at my desk.

Regarding the controls if you are not using the grid then ActiveWidgets probably is not the right choice. This toolkit is built around the grid control and all others controls currently are very basic. This will change in the future but the current development priorities are still mainly around the grid control - improve reliability and performance, finalize editing API etc.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 5,
I would have to agree with Tim, Alex. The documentation needs to be stepped up one step.

In fact, I think it wouldn't be too bad if ...ahem, after the next release... =) ... you took a few months to close up some docs to not only help you with your sales appeal, but also to help us out since there are lots of things that some of us are just skimming the surface on.
John Mason
January 8,
I'm sure i will be using the grid as i'm starting to build a web application which will have lots of data tables to display. Really the thing with trees is information is higherarchial so they are a natural medium. They dont even need to many functions to be highly effective.

I am impressed with the progress so far and am prepaired to do some work to advance this control in the direction i need. I have worked with JS before but not to this level, so i've bought a good JS referance book and any info you can give will be helpful. As there are a few intrested people in this control who may also which to help this control along, i was thinking of starting a thread with that subject. As it is your project i thought i should speak with you first as any colaboration like this would benifit from your coordination.
Tim Edwards
January 11,

The Grid is the most important control. With tools like prototype.js and script.aculo.us available for free I consider it limiting to use the other controls as you can't reliably manipulate them. The grid by itself is worth the price. Just consider that you may find yourself unable to do useful things in the future if you rely on the other controls.
January 11,

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