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You have images in each style folder plus the system folder. Is there a list of available images somewhere? i.e. search, favorite etc. (example: assigning 'search' grabs the magnifying glass from whatever style you're using.) I can always dig into the css to get the names and positions to figure out the names you have assigned to the image maps, but it would be nice if you have a list...

Also, many of the maps have small and large version you could use for hover etc...

Thanks in advance
February 22,
The images are included just as example (there are only four of them - 'home', 'favorites', 'search', 'fontsize'). I assume that you would create your own 'icon library' file. Please read the detailed instructions in
'examples\images - adding new\make library.htm'

There are also several online CSS sprite generators, for example this one -


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 25,
I thought there were more images...I fired off the question without doing much investigation...Sorry

I created a library for all of my icons when I started the project, I was just asking a general question....

February 26,

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