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Need help in creating an image link for 1st column in Grid. The image displays ok but the link doesn't work. Thanks for any help!

Below is my example code:

var obj = new AW.UI.Grid;


var imageLink = new AW.Templates.ImageText;
imageLink.getContent("box/image").setAttribute("href", function(){
return this.getCellProperty("link");

obj.setCellTemplate(imageLink, 0);
August 30,
The below opens the url but I don't want the text to show a link. I want the link to only work when the image is clicked.

obj.setCellLink("http://www.google.com", 1);
obj.setCellTemplate(new AW.Templates.Link, 1);
August 30,
I do it a different way actually.

Let's say the data set has in it:

I do this:
// Setting Imp Icons
return "<a target='_new' href='"+
this.getCellValue(3,row) +
"'><img border='0' src='http://www.domain.com/images/" +
this.getCellValue(1,row) + ".gif'></a>"

What it does is set column 0 (Google) to the LINK in column 2 (http://www.google.com" with an image in column 2 (google)

Now, here is the thing. I take the value of "google" from column 1 and add to it in the FRONT the the http location and to the END I add ".gif"

This way, I don't have to use CSS to define ALL the images I need. In my case, I can't use CSS because I'd have about 500 CSS statements. So I just reference the image file on the server directly.

Hope it helps (someone helped me with it).
I do have a working example if you want to see it.
August 30,
Can you send me a working example or link at gary.riojas@sug.com? Thanks for your help!
August 30,
Also, I have another grid that has a contract number in column 1 and I want to open a contract search popup by clicking on an image and return the results to the grid. My grid data doesn't have a url in it. I was wanting to open a contract search popup by clicking on an image instead of the actual contract number in column 1. I guess this isn't possible? Maybe I need another column for the image link? Thanks for the help in advance!
August 30,
Take a look at the link below with Internet Explorer (I have some rework to do to make it function with Firefox:


On the page, click a different "tab" than "R" (which is blank at the moment - so the grid is empty. Pick the "A" Tab.

The FEAS, IMP. FAC, ISA, CSA image dots load a PDF if you click on them.

If you role over the "St" column, it should also display the County as a tooltip.

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do with the contract piece, but I'm sure with a little creative coding (and if I understood it better) it is possible.
August 30,
Thanks for your example and help! I now have an idea how to tackle my problem.
August 31,
Iam a learner for asp.Net
just i want to know the site which has to follow
September 7,

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