Reading an Excel Spreadsheet with ActiveWidget

Hi all,

I just downloaded this, and wanted to get the answers to a few questions before I start trying to use it.

I have an excel spreadsheet that contains 12 fields. I want to display six of those on my website. Will ActiveWidget read an excel spreadsheet? And if so, can I tell it which columns on the spreadsheet I want displayed on the grid?

Also, does this product interact with the html form link, to allow me to select certain rows from my spreadsheet to display on the grid?

Any examples you can provide that show how this can be done would be appreciated.
September 17,
The grid does not understand native .xls format but can read CSV files exported from excel. Look in the examples directory - /examples/grid/data - CSV text file.htm
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 19,
You can also find programs on hotscripts and just by searching that will dynamically convert xls to cvs if that is what you need to happen. (or build one yourself - an xls is basically just text anyway)
September 27,

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