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We have a site using an OpenCube Infinite Menus CSS/javascript menu system which works fine, all z-index's for it seem correct as the menu's always appear above all other page content except any activewidget's controls, but only in Internet Explorer (6 & 7).

The z-index's work fine in Firefox, however in IE the Infinite Menu system always appears below the active widgets controls. The only way I can get the widgets to appear below the menu's is if I set their z-index to negative values. This stops the widgets being usable, and they completely disappear in Firefox.

This is driving me mad, if I cant resolve this then we can't use activewidgets for our project.
December 11,
ActiveWidgets controls do not set z-index value, i.e normally z-index of the control element is 0 (auto). The only exception is AW.UI.Tabs which has z-index 1000.

There are two things which might affect your page:
- z-index changes the paint order of siblings (child elements of the same parent), so if your menu is inside a div then z-index of the menu element will not have any effect on anything outside that div.
- in IE z-index is not applied to elements with static position, i.e. you have to set position:relative or position:absolute in order to use z-index.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 11,

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