AW 2.5 release candidate 1

Here is the link for the latest AW 2.5 rc1 code -


This version mostly fixes minor bugs found in previous AW 2.5 beta, including copy/paste functionality, combo box popup in IE6, focus issues in IE 5.5 and a few others.

This is the 'release candidate' version and if everything goes well AW 2.5 will be released on November 29th.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 26,
Hi Alex,

I tried out the combo box popup in IE6, its working now.

I've one suggestion for combo box behaviour for changing images when selecting an item from the dropdown.

The new image of the selected item should be applied automatically instead of manually specifying an image via: combo.setControlImage();

Otherwise, an event handler must be created specifically for implementing this.

Sumit Madan
November 28,

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