firefox aw-alternate with aw-rows-selected

I've found that if i set .aw-alternate-even/odd, it then ignores the .aw-rows-selected color when I have obj.setSelectionMode("single-row");
it just uses the alternate bgcolor, never shows a highlight.
Jonathan Doklovic
February 7,
Mine works just fine with

#grid .aw-alternate-even { background: whitesmoke; }
#grid .aw-cells-selected { background: none; color: #000000; }
#grid .aw-rows-selected { background: #7489D3; color: #ffffff; }

Perhaps order matters. Try them in that order!
Tony (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 7,
figured out that in IE .aw-rows-selected must be last but in firefox it must be first
Jonathan Doklovic
February 7,
Seems to work fine in both browsers for me using my code above.
Tony (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 7,
I'm testing new 2.0.1 and that problem occurs again. When setting selected row colors without gridID the setting is ignored (whatever order).

.aw-alternate-even { background: whitesmoke; }
.aw-cells-selected { background: none; color: #000000; }
.aw-rows-selected { background: #7489D3; color: #ffffff; }
June 15,
You have to use #id or some other universal selector, for example .aw-grid-control, because of CSS selector specificity rules -


If you want to apply the style to all grids with different IDs use -

.aw-grid-control .aw-alternate-even { background: red; }
.aw-grid-control .aw-rows-selected { background: green; color: yellow; }

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 16,

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