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This is my code to create the checkbox and make it checked and disabled based on some other column value. It is working fine. But my problem is

1) If we click on check (which is not selected) is not selected at first time, the second time only its selecting, What is the problem in my code?

2) I am not able to select my row on click on the same cell which i have a check boxes, that means my row is not highlighted.

MyCheckbox = AW.Templates.Checkbox.subclass();
MyCheckbox.create = function() {
var abc = this.prototype;
abc.setContent("box/text", "");

abc.setClass("disabled", function() {
if (this.$1 != null) {
if (this.$owner.getCellText(15, this.$1) != "null") {
return "control";
return "";
abc.setEvent("onclick", function(event){
if (this.$1 != null) {
if (this.$owner.getCellText(15, this.$1) == "null") {
var value = this.getControlProperty("value");
alert('1check box checked'+value);
this.setControlProperty("value", !value);
alert('2check box checked'+this.getControlProperty("value"));
obj.setCellTemplate(new MyCheckbox,3);

3) My third question is i have some images in one of my column, i want to make the image as link and i want to call my own javascript method when i click on the image?

4) How to restrict the user to expand the column width in specific columns, for example 3rd column.

Narayana Swamy, Bangalore
September 13,
1-2). Try this fix for checkbox click event -


Depending on which selection mode you are using you may also need to disable full row refresh.

3) use AW.Templates.Link
4). use setColumnResizable(false, index); // AW 2.0.2

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 13,

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