Placing image in text box problem in FireFox

I am using version 2.0.
In a grid i cretaed there is a column that i use for placing links to other pages of my application and i use images for the link.
The problem is that when i view my page in Firefox 2.0 then the images are cut at the bottom as if they don't fit the text box while in IE 6 this is not a problem.

Can somone help me?

I think this is a styling problem but i can't figure what..

June 28,
I just wanted to add that the style of the text box in the aw.css is
.aw-item-text {margin:0px;vertical-align:middle}
and when i change it to .aw-item-text {margin:0px;vertical-align:top} the images are shown properly. The problem is that i don't want all the other colunms to show the text at the top of the cell.

June 28,
In this case you can use .aw-column-XXX selector combined with .aw-item-text, for example, for the first column (index=0) -

.aw-column-0 .aw-item-text {vertical-align: top}

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 28,

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