AW.getTop/getLeft in IE

I was using the AW.getTop/getLeft function to get the location of a cell in the grid and place a custom form below it. With my initial testing, this worked great. Recent tests forced me to scroll the page down. When I tested my custom popup form, it was drawn incorrectly. Further tests show in IE the coordinates returned by AW.getTop/getLeft are the position relative to the contents area. So if I am at the top of the page the getTop may be 100. If I scroll the cell to be at the top of the contents window, the getTop returns 0. Any ideas on how to address this?
C. Bustamante
May 30,
I would suggest always calling AW.getTop() twice - for the element itself and for the parent element (where you want to insert a popup) and use the difference for the popup offset.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 31,

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