createPopup method problem

It seems that using window.createPopup for the popup template implementation it will deny some of the standard div features.
I talk about copying text with Ctrl-C from a control used as popup template for the grid cells.

Since the height of the rows is fixed due to possible crash of the scroll template in order to have an additional information available for certaing cells it will require adding a control that could handle the extra information (displayed for instance when clicking the cell).And the right approach it will be using the popup template I supposed.

I am talking of pure text/html content that should be available for copying all or partial. Limiting this kind of behaviour could put the developer in a situation where he cannot achieve the goals of the project.

In addition if you want to be able to select the content using the popup template you have to override popup template's onselectstart method and oncontextmenu (IE).

Making some minor changes it will alow firefox to select and copy the text. But for IE it seems that createPopup does not allow those kind of approaches. I guess that is a standard behaviour due to the security problems that appeared after the bugs in IE were exploited by some people.

I think that createPopup method is unappropriate for the popup template and it can only restrict the user to build the custom controls using the AW library.

The main issue is to allow the developer to give the same functionality on all the browsers supported and the createPopup it seems it falls to do this.

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May 30,
I am still hesitating if I should go back and use DIV for IE popups as well. In this case the popup size/position will be limited by the parent page, which does not work well in smaller dialog box windows. On the other hand it seems like no one uses html dialog boxes anyway because of the popup blockers...
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 31,

I guess, we can not abandon createPopup completely.

Why did you pick createPopup at the first place? Probably, because DIV on IE never goes over SELECT regardless of zIndex. Right?
Sudhaker Raj (http://sudhaker.com)
June 1,
I know the div can be a big problem and the zIndex must be corrected. I needed such a modification after decided to use instead of window.open some javascript widgets (which I will not mention :) ) that create the desired window with the look and feel desired.

For that I have added (for Firefox) an extra control property for the model of popup template that would allow to add the id of the html object to overlap for Firefox in order to get its zIndex.

And an idea for CTRL-C stuff: I have decided for the grid, instead of using the standard IE and FF methods that cause asking whether clipboard should be accessed or not, a solution using flash and JavaScriptFlashGateway provided by Macromedia (I suppose) that allow the JS to communicate to some flash movie (hidden) that writes the text to the clipboard. For IE I can even get the CapsLock and NumLock status. In Firefox it will not work since it does not focus on the flash movie.
June 4,

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