grid.onRowDoubleClicked = function(event, index) {} is not working

Dear All,
I am getting problem with 'onRowDoubleClicked' event. Below is the description

* Suppose there are 2 diff JSPs (let us say first.jsp & second.jsp).
* I have grid on first.jsp & I am opening the second.jsp as a popup (by clicking some button on first.jsp)
* Now, in second.jsp, when I enter the data and after submitting the page, I am storing the entered data into database as well as I am displaying this data in the grid (first.jsp).
* As & when I click on save button of second.jsp the data is getting inserting into databse as well as it is getting displayed in the grid of first.jsp.
* Upto here it is working fine. eg If I insert 3 records, it will show 3 rows in grid of first.jsp.
* Actual problem starts here. Now if I close the second.jsp, and double click on the any row of grid (which is having 3 rows as per the example) of first.jsp, the "grid.onRowDoubleClicked = function(event, index){}" FUNCTION is not working. It is comming inside the function, but "grid.getCellText(0, index)" is not working.

Thanks in advance & Regards
Shekhar Nivale.
email: shekharnivale@gmail.com
Shekhar Nivale
May 12,

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