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Just a question, When is the next version going to be released?
I think that this grid is great, but it is not editable yet.
August 23,

the next version should be released before the end of 2004. If you would like to build editing yourself - here might be a good start:


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 23,

See in action


Sudhaker Raj
August 24,
Sudhaker, Please .. In your example :
I get an error "access denied" Line 23 - when trying to resize columns.
Also I couldn't see the "up & down arrow" when sorting.
September 8,
Pretty kewl - now how can I get all of the changed data back into a database? Otherwise, what is the point?
Michael Bailey
October 11,

We do it in many ways

1. Active.HTTP.Request object

var req = new Active.HTTP.Request;
  req.setProperty("URL", "/myApp/myServlet");
  req.setProperty("requestMethod", "POST");
  // @@ serialize your JS Array and send to server
  //set parameters
  //req.setParameter("Message", "Hello World !!");
  req.response = function(data) {
    //write callback function here

There are few known bugs in Active.HTTP.Request and work arounds too...

2. We have hidden form and then submit the form using Active.HTTP.Request objcet without reloading the page (like gMail does).

Also check this - http://jibbering.com/2002/4/httprequest.html

3. We have also made dynamic forms and submit it - where page reload is ok. myForm is empty and invisible form.

<form id="dynaForm" method="post" action="/myApp/myServlet">

function addFormField(myForm, myName, myValue) {
  var myInput = document.createElement("input");
  myInput.setAttribute("name", myName);
  myInput.setAttribute("value", myValue);


4. Promising but not tested yet - http://xmljs.sourceforge.net/

So depending upon your requirement, you can pick any of above :-)

Sudhaker Raj
October 11,
Excellent - Thanks Sudhaker - When is the ActiveWidgets Developer's Book going to be published???????

October 11,
Just out of curiosity – does anyone see a need for SOAP support in ActiveWidgets, or simple REST calls (GET/POST) is enough?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 11,
Hmmm .. (It is not a priority for me, from now I have enough with COM DCOM, ISAPI, CGI) maybe in a near future.
But ASP users could need it more than me. .... Any ??
check this link ... ( at the bottom)
October 13,
"There are few known bugs in Active.HTTP.Request and work arounds too..." - OK, what are the known bugs?
What is the size limit for a Parameter?
Can I have more then one Parameter?
Is it a name/value Parameter?
I am in need of a replacement for Form.submit(), will this work?
I am sending over large amounts of data to the server and also Files using the type=File attribute of an INPUT box. I know, many questions, but I am in a world of hurt right now trying to get around a Microsoft bug using Form.submit.

Jim Hunter
July 5,
ASP user here. I realize this thread hasn't been updated for some time but am trying to find an example of ASP/XMLHttpRequest/Grid.
July 6,

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