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Just wandering if you are going to create a different forum for 2.0 related stuff. Are there sufficient differences between the two. We are using version 2, and most of the examples are related to 1.0 and use old syntax to work with the objects.
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Or maybe people can just make sure they put v2 in the subject of all new posts, if they relate to 2.0??
Jim Shaffer
October 15,
I like the idea of taging the version in the Subject field. I am constantly asking people if the posted questions are for 1.0 or 2.0, like I just did 10 seconds ago. There are lots of examples for 2.0 in the examples directory and the Quickref directory. I suggest that everyone load every example in the QuickRef directory and View the Code to see all the things you can do with the contro and to change setting in the file to see what actually happens to the control. I have learned a lot in a short period of time by doing this.
And to answer your question, YES there are a lot of changes and a lot of new stuff that has been incorporated into the grid that used to implemented via a 'patch'. The 2.0 code is so clean compared to 1.0 with so many things now built in that we used to have to write a lot of code to do.
I will say that any pages that you have created for 1.0 will not simply convert to 2.0 without a bunch of changes. I suggest that if you have a grid that is working fine with 1.0, leave it in 1.0 and do new development in 2.0 (they can co-exist on the same page). You might be amazed at how much less code you have to write to get things done with 2.0!!! This is good stuff!
Jim Hunter
October 15,
I have divided the forum into three sections: v2.0, v1.0 and general/off topic. Plus you can see all topics together as before. This also affects search feature - you can search within one section or in all messages.

Old messages are tagged as v1.0 and I am going to look through most recent to tag them as v2.0 or general where necessary.

The new messages will be tagged v2.0 by default unless you select a different section from dropdown box.

If you see any easy improvements or if it breaks somewhere please let me know :-).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 17,
any chance you are going to update the forum functionality like some of the commercial software?? It would be nice if it was divided into sections. IE... Enhancements, bugs, data etc...
Jim Shaffer
October 18,

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