Empty tags break AW.XML.Table in Firefox


I've found that if I have an XML data island with an empty tag, Firefox does not find all the elements in the island...it just stops after the first row with the empty tag. This is the exact same problem described in:


None of the suggestions fix it. The bug can be reproduced by modifying xpath.htm in the examples by replacing "<ticker>MSFT</ticker>" with just "<ticker />" Is this a bug w/ AW?
April 4,
Firefox does NOT support XML data islands - it treats <xml> and its content as 'user-defined' html tags. Firefox does not understand XML syntax <ticker /> for user defined tags and breaks. Basically your XML data island should use HTML syntax to work in Firefox :-(

Alternatively you can wrap all content in the single CDATA section, extract it as a string and let AW.XML.Table parse it (using the same setXML method, which accepts both XML object and string).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 5,
Ok, this is good to know and easy to fix. Are there any other Firefox specific quirks with data islands that I should watch out for?
April 5,

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