Second level sorting

Hi alex,
First thanks for your help. I have small Problem. The probs is if the data in any of the rows is repeated then could it be possible for the sorting to be done based on the another column(say on the basis of Date). Take the case of the following sorted grid. Since in the following data in col1, col2 is repeated could the sorting be done based on the another column(say col4) . It needs to be applied to all the cases when the data gets repeated.
Col1 col2 col3 col4
kumar Grid ActiveGird 28/02/07
kumar Grid Active 1/03/07
March 1,
click on col4 then on col1. The grid has stable sorting algorithm.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 1,
Hi alex,
It can be done. But Couldnt it be possible for me the sorting to be done at the first shot only on the bases of the date for the equal row data as soon as we click on column header.
March 2,

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