Date Sort

I believe there is a problem with _sort.js -> if 2 dates are the same then the date sort fails.

Code should be:

else if (typeof(a)=="number"){
if (a > b) {return greater}
if (a < b) {return less}
if (a == b) {return 0}

i.e if (a == b) {return 0} should be added.

Just a side note: The forum capability of the site is rather unimpressive. I have been googling and rummaging around with the forum search for date sorting threads. Most that I found were never answered, and they were all 'archived' ,which i think is the reason i could not answer them.

Sorting dates is not an unusual requirement, and the fact that it has taken me half a day to get it going has affected my confidence in this product. It is a real shame because it is a top piece of kit when it works. You guys have done a great job with the technical wizardry, just remember that users are also interested in support and documentation. It makes the difference between a slick professional outfit and a hacker sitting in his bedroom.
Andrew McAllister
February 22,

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