ActiveGrid & Date Selector Control

I'm using ZPCal (www.zapatec.com/website/main/zpcal/) along with ActiveGrid on my web application. But these two do not like each other very much due to shared names for variable and more.

Are there any plans to include a similar date selector widget in Version 2.0 of ActiveWidgets?
Neil Craig
October 28,
Look in this forum there are other date selectors which work with active widget
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
October 28,
Perhaps an exact location of a page using date selectors with Active Widgets will help.....
January 23,
Our company just purchased a license for the ActiveWidgets grid and I'm having a similar problem with the date selector from http://datebox.inimit.com/

I really like this date selector and would like to get these two behaving well together. I searched this forum (will continue after this post) and wasn't able to find any topics other than this for date selectors.

Is there a search/replace that I can use to rename the conflicting variables between these two or is there a more fundamental problem where one is overriding the other's events?

Please help.
Paul Dunbar
January 23,
More searching turned out to be frutiful:

This control is based on jsCalendar and apparently inherited the collision
January 23,
I have been using a very nice looking popup calendar with 1.0 and it has given me no trouble. It is nard to find on-line so I am going to post the code to my web site at http://www.FriendsOfAw.com , give me about an hour to get it posted.

Jim Hunter
January 23,
Version 2.0 has just one public variable, does not modify global objects and uses foreach loops with extreme care :-( , so in theory it should work well with any other js library.

I did some brief tests with jscalendar-1.0, script.aculo.us and Prototype 1.4.0 and did not see any problems so far.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 23,
The trick is to add the lines for the calendar scripts (<script src="..."></script>) after that of the ActiveWidgets.
Neil Craig
June 8,

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