Footer not updating when using 'list.onItemClicked'

I'm using a Footer in my Grid with a popup template and when I click on an item it doesn't appear in the combo box. Here is my code:

var obj = new AW.Grid.Extended;

obj.setFooterTemplate(new AW.Templates.Combo, 2);

obj.setPopupTemplate(function(col, row)
   var list = new AW.UI.List;


   list.onItemClicked = function(event, i)
      strNewResource = this.getItemText(i);
      obj.setFooterText(strNewResource, 2, 0); //not working!

      obj.getFooterTemplate(2, 0).hidePopup();

   return list;

Cheers in advance.
Andy M
January 9,
Scrap that I've used a different approach!
Andy M
January 9,
It's still not working, basically I have two combo boxes - one in a header, one in a footer. If I try to get a value from the header it works fine but if I try to get a value from the footer it returns a blank value every time.

var i = cmbFooterCombo.getSelectedItems();
var j = cmbHeaderCombo.getSelectedItems();

alert("i=" + i + " j=" + j);

After selecting the first item in each list I get the message "i= j=1"
Andy M
January 9,

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