Multiple Text Areas and Single Scrollbar

I want to create Multiple Text Areas with a single scrollbar. Can I accomplish this with your product?

In the Active Widgets Grid I will have only one row. Each row will have a TextArea and the height of the text Area will be very large and then can I set a fixed height to the Grid and have a single vertical scrollbar and a horizontal scrollbar ?

January 3,
What you are wanting to do is possible. However, it isn't a "really easy" thing to do, but overall your questions should be mostly in the support forum.

If I were you, I would use google to search for "textarea site:www.activewidgets.com" and then some other searches of the site and you'll see a couple of samples where people added textareas to the grid. Then, it's just matter of building your grid with the textareas.

Most of all, don't give up. The grid CAN do what you want if you put the time in.

Good Luck
John Mason
January 8,
If I understand your question, I think Carlos took care of this. Check out:

January 8,

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