Behaviour of pasting multiple line text into cell


Copied multiple line text from a text editor (with linux /n and dos /r/n) into the grip with text-wrap. In different browser I get different behaviour:

IE: only 1st line is pasted
Chrome/Firefox: lines are copied, but new lines are converted automatically into space (by browser or by the grid?)

Had a text filter in the grid to convert /n or /r/n into <br>, but not detecting any from 'text' in

obj.onCellValidated = function(text, column, row){...}

What I am trying to achieve is that user should be able to paste a multi-line text into the grid, and inside the cell, the new lines should be kept in shape.

April 1,
Any ideas?
April 12,
Not possible directly. When editing a cell, what you get is a standard HTML input tag to edit, paste, etc., that is a one-line only element.

You have to implement something else which handles multiple lines (a textarea as a template for example).
April 13,
Hi tmtisfree,

you mean current active widgets AW.UI.Grid won't handle this? I know I can get away with a html text box implementation but that defeats the whole idea of spreadsheet behavior of the grid I am trying to implement.
April 15,
Yes, no native textarea-like in the grid.
April 19,
Fixed this problem myself. Dunt double click when pasting, so browser does not modify the text. then put these in the codes:

var nl = new RegExp(String.fromCharCode(10),"g");
text = text.replace(nl, "\<br\/>");
var cr = new RegExp(String.fromCharCode(13),"g");
text = text.replace(cr, "");

So other tweaks to enhance the views (hide <br> etc)
May 1,

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