Language Issues

I am having problems while displaying data which contains entries in many languages

eg: Top/World/Japanese/Ï€óπÆâ•?πÆ╞/

I tried setting the document Encoding to UTF-8 as well as the xml encoding type to UTF-8

But still the problem persists

Can anyone suggest what needs to be done ...

Even if one row contains such data the entire table is not being displayed
Plaese help.......
Sony Grace
August 7,
It looks like your web server is still sending the content in the default encoding, not UTF-8. Try to look first at the XML just in the Internet Explorer window - you should be able to see all your data correctly.

To see at least something working - goto your /examples/data directory, open companies-simple.xml in notepad, type/paste your japanese content there, select file save as.. menu, select UTF-8 encoding instead of ANSI, save the file. Then you should see the content in /examples/grid/xml-simple.htm (I tried Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Cyrillic, Greek all in the same file - works OK in IE and Firefox 0.9 on WinXP)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 7,
I have the same issue on my production server. how can I address this issue?

please help.
Ron Peled
March 28,
Oh yaah! I had the same problem.

Any solution?
May 15,

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