Editable Cell / Issue with scrolling of grid


I've done some work with creating subclasses of Active.Templates.Text in order to have editable cells in my grid - which is now the case.

One little issue I found with the grid now is, that when 'tabbing' to the next column, and this column is off screen, then, only the data bit of the table scrolls, the headers do not scroll along...

A next thing I would like to do, is to make only the top row and/or bottom row a row with editable fields...

Any and all suggestions welcome?!
March 15,
The grid synchronizes the scroll position of the data and headers with the scroll position of the separate scrollbars div. In your case you need to implement the opposite as well (see /source/lib/templates/scroll.js)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 17,
Please post your editable changes! This is exactly what I need if it's editable.
March 18,
Yes, please do. I'd love to be able to edit as well!
March 18,
Can any one pls tell me how to make only one field of a able editable
just by selecting or checking a radio button corresponding row.
September 23,

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