Extra empty column

I am running the example basic.htm file. All the data is displaying is fine
but somehow it is adding new empty column to the grid.

Ticker| Comany name | Market Cap | $Sales |Employess|<empty co>
VRTS |Veritas Software|22222 |1222 |5647 |

How can i remove the empty column.


August 2,
Need some more data, but i think it may be the end. it is not a column. when setting this in the iframe or div. that is hidden. but like i said, need more data before can positivly identify
August 3,
Thanks for your reply but it showing empty space after the employees column. You are correct it showing empty column. We only have
6 columns and it showing 7th empty column.

Ticker | Comany name | Market |Cap |$Sales|#Employe|<empty col>
1 |VRTS |Veritas Software|22222 |1222 |5647 |200 | |
2 |TEST |Veritas Software|22222 |1222 |5647 |200 | |
3 |TEST1|Veritas Software|22222 |1222 |5647 |200 | |
4 |Test 2|Veritas Software|22222 |1222 |5647 |200 | |

How we can eliminate this <empty col>. Is there any way we can hide or eliminate <empty col>.


August 3,

If you are using an iframe tag to insert the grid into a page, try adjusting the width value specified in your iframe tag:

<iframe src="examples/grid/basic.htm" frameborder="0" width="430">

If you are not using an iframe, try adjusting the width value as specified in the CSS for the .active-controls-grid class.

Hope that helps.
December 21,

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