please suggest the best way...


I have some 30000 records with me which i want to import into datagrid.
For that i need first to have these records at server side then render it to datagrid. Now what will be be better in terms of performance?
1. should I save it as csv at server.
2. should I make a xml caontaining this data at server side.
3. Or I should store in a datastructure (that will consume a lot of memory).

Note: These records might be uploaded from multiple clients at the same time as this is a kind of web application.
Please suggest me in what direction i should proceed.

November 9,
Hi Maharana,

I presume the records are stored in some sort of datastore. I create an xml file dynamically and bind it to the grid i.e.

var table = new AW.XML.Table;        

Where "returnXML.aspx" returns the xml document dynamically. Works beautifully. With 30000 records, I would implement paging and dynamic loading!
John Sourcer
November 10,
Hi John,

Thanku very much for your reply.
I'm having data in a repository as a csv file, how can i pass it to the jsp to render it into activewidget datagrid?
do i really need convert into xml as i'm already having csv, and csv file can be rendered using the same api, only thing is how to pass this csv to jsp?

November 13,
Hi maharana,

For returning CSV:


John Sourcer
November 13,
see the example file "data - csv text file.htm"

Works great, replace the filename.csv with the url to your webserver with the csvfile
Matthieu Hendriks
November 13,
Thanks Matthieu,

Can you please elaborate or it will be very good if you could post some sample code.

November 13,

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