After Resizing Column, must mouse over rows to get them to resize.

We are finding in out application that when a jsp page is loaded that contains a single grid, we can resize the columns and see the rows below resize with the column (after mouse release). However, often a grid that resized without issue suddenly after about 2 or 3 changes of column size, it will require the user to mouse over (drag the mouse down the rows of data) every row to invoke the grid to resize. That is, if I mouse down over the first row- it resizes, but the other rows do not until I have moved the mouse over the next row and so on.

I have seen this occur with grids that have only 4 columns and only contain 2 rows of data, so I do not think it is necessarily tied to data volume.

Sorry, I am pretty new to aw and the code has been completed by a different set of developers. Perhaps we need to be calling some refresh method?
Sam K
November 1,
This looks like AW 2.0 bug where the grid is inside html table. This one was fixed in 2.0.1 so if you are using 2.0 - upgrade to 2.0.1.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 2,

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