building dialog box, or any widget group from an XML hierarchy

I would be nice to build a dialog box from an XML hierarchy. Any thoughts about the following example...

Say I had a DOM hierarchy where I could have a template and then fill in data to that of the dialog box example as seen below. One could then use the getContent and functions to manipulate. It would then also be possible to create necessary controls and poplulate items like drop downs through XML.

I suppose it is possible to write an XML "interpreter" to do this on the server side -- that would general all the necessary activewidget javascript functions.

<activewidget:box template="", bgcolor="gray">
<activewidget:tabset id="mytabs">
<activewidget:tab name="general" ItemText="General" onclick="gen_onclick_fcn()"/>
<activewidget:group ControlText="Home page">
<activewidget:label ControlText="You can change which page to use for your home page."/>
<activewidget:label ItemText="Address:"/>
<activewidget:input ControlText="http://www.google.com"/>
<activewidget:tab ItemText="Security"/>
<activewidget:tab ItemText="Privacy"/>
<activewidget:tab ItemText="Content"/>
<activewidget:tab ItemText="Connections"/>
<activewidget:tab ItemText="Programs"/>
<activewidget:tab ItemText="Advanced"/>
james T
October 23,

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