strange combo error!!!


After looking at the html example of the combo, I decide to use it in my jsp page, however when combo is mouse clicked, popup is opened however with a white space little larger then ( may be 10 pixels from right and, 15 from bottom ) the original popup size. This white space is in the outer margins of the border.

I tried it again in html page, it works, I copy and paste the whole html to my jsp page, But nothing changes..

| | |
| original | |
| popup | |
| | |
-------------- |
white space |
outside of the |
borders |

I look at the css rules but everything seems to be the same with html
October 6,
White spaces are trimmed so you can not get my above illustration.

By the way I tried to put the quickref example combo.htm to my tomcat server, strangely popup size is bigger then the original one as before.

October 6,
Dear Alex,

I have the very same issue, Please help me!
Thank you very much.
October 30,

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