Restore scroll position and selection separately?

I have a grid which refreshes periodically. I have implemented functionality which records a users row selection and reinstates is after each refresh.

[Aside: rows are identified by a primary key and may not exist at the same index on refresh so a lookup array is used to convert from pk to index and the latter used with grid.setSelectedRows([index]). All of this is working fine.]

However I can't seem to retain the scroll position separately once a selection has been made: on refresh the vertical scroll position scrolls to the selected row regardless of where it was prior to the refresh.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible, and if so, how?

October 5,
You could achieve this by the following one.

grid.setScrollTop(<position of the row>)
October 28,
As the above said solution was working in the Beta version. With the Original version It is not working.Mr Pans can you give some solutions?.
October 28,
Please see the response on this:
October 31,

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