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I am trying to reduce the CPU usage of grids. I need no functionality associated with mouse-ver cells/rows/control and have tried the following assignments to no effect:

myGrid.onCellMouseOver = null;
myGrid.onCellMouseOut = null;
myGrid.onRowMouseOver = null;
myGrid.onRowMouseOut = null;
myGrid.onControlMouseOver = null;
myGrid.onControlMouseOut = null;

I notice the CPU usage still exceeds 30% on my fairly chunky machine. How do others cope with this issue?

September 7,
The mouseover css class change (which triggers CPU consumption) is processed by the internal handleMouse() function - /source/lib/system/control.js, line 597 - you have to modify this one to disable mouseover styles.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 8,
setting the following global variable causes handleMouse() to ignore onmousemove/onmouseover/onmouseout events, which greatly reduces CPU usage on grid mouse movement:

AW.ignoreMouse = true;

side-effects include: tooltips break [maybe there are others?]
September 12,

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