Performance and virtual mode

As virtual mode is on, scrolling uses 100% CPU during 3 ou 4 seconds after the end of action.

It is not the case of RICO's datagrid for example (which uses the same virtual mode)

I think that Alex must work now to better performance of AW grid (great widget I bought and I use).

I think it is possible
January 28,
In the virtual mode the grid repainted in two steps. Initially the grid renders only the visible rows, then it inserts additional rows before and after visible area, so when you press pageUp/pageDown you immediately see the results. This second pass happens in the background and is immediately interrupted on any user action. So while it takes 100% CPU for a few seconds - it does NOT block the browser and should not reduce grid responsiveness for the end user.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 1,
thank for your answer.

But during these seconds the other running tasks are greatly slowed by the grid's repainting, because 100% CPU is taken.
February 4,

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