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Hi All,

I got the problem with disappearing input caret. There is a datagrid on the webpage and sometimes I need to display overlaying div (partially covering the datagrid) with some edit fields - standard HTML INPUTs. The problem is that there is no input caret (the vertical blinking line) when u type into these input fields. One can still type, but the input caret doesn't appear. Lots of users don't even start typing as they think inputs are not enabled (because the damn caret is not showing up). It happens on FF and IE, haven't checked on anything else. Does anybody have a clue how to fix that?

June 29,
This an old Firefox bug. The workaround would be setting the overlaying div style to overflow:scroll or overflow:auto.

But I've never seen this in IE - are you sure it happens in IE as well?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 29,
You are perfectly right, it doesn't happen in IE, my bad. The workaround for FF works fine, thank you :-)
July 4,
The input caret disappears in IE 6 after entering a blank and appears again after entering any character. This not a big issue big but still confusing.
To reproduce enable obj.setCellEditable(true); in examples\quickref\grid.htm
and add a blank at the end in any row in one of the 1st or 2nd column.
Any ideas how solve that issue?
October 5,

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