checbox aw 2.0.1

With this version, I have not event on the control "click".
With the other controls, it works. Did I do an error ?

var obj = new AW.UI.Checkbox;
  obj.onControlClicked = function(event){ alert('coucou'); };

June 14,
I am having a simular problem myself.
I have my checkbox in a grid and perform my in the onclick within the grid object. however with 2.0.1 it seems that the checkbox is holding its own funcitonality. any clues on what to use for the onclick of the checkbox?
June 14,

Apparently this is a bug in 2.0.1. The simple workaround in case of standalone control would be replacing full refresh (which breaks further event processing) with refreshClasses -

obj.onControlValueChanged = function(){
    return true;

I'll try to look for a better solution.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 14,
I am using checkbox template for a column and also have this problem. How would the workaround mentioned above work in case of a checkbox template?

Many thanks
July 12,
Is this still broken in the latest version I just downloaded?
November 3,

Is there a work around for checkbox in Grid column?
Please respond.
November 4,
Please someone reply to this issue.
November 6,
hi all plz help me any one
"<select name='FPSelectBox' onChange='disableRecvCurr(<%=i%>,this)'><option value='FULL'>FULL</option><option value='PARTIAL'>PARTIAL</option></select>"
I have written this code grid to display combo box with 2 values. I am rotating this in a for loop so i can get number of rows with same combo boxes and with same name. now i have implemented function like below
function disableRecvCurr(index,obj){
whenever i change the item to Paritial the current Number of Boxes text field should be enabled which is availabe beside the combo box in the same row. but iam not able to get the output it is giving error document.forms[0].FPSelectBox[...].value is null not an object
if anybody knows the solution send me to srinivas.podugu@four-soft.com
Srinivas Podugu
November 17,
Hi Alex,

Will this be fixed in the next release? Before finding this thread I created a checkbox template that simply re-raised the onControlClicked event after the value has been changed. Not sure if this is the best way to go but it works at least!

Carl P
December 6,

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