Multi-selection in trees


So I figured out that you can use setSelectionModel('multi') to enable multiple-row selecting in trees, however it behaves a bit strangely.

I'd like for it to support the same kind of multiple row selection model that the grid does, i.e.:

1) Single-clicking on an element de-selects all other elements
2) Ctrl-clicking on an element does not de-select other elements
3) Shift-clicking on an element selects the range of elements

Is there any way to get the tree to do this? If I need to edit the code, where would I look?

Thanks a lot for your help,


May 10,
Oh, and I'd like double click events to work as well, that would be real nice. Any thoughts?
May 10,
Anyone have any idea whatsoever? Or is this just not at all possible?
May 11,

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