Documentation for Scripting Styles (setStyle) in AW2.0


I am standing in front of AW setStyle() in nescince...

I left previous model of my app and use strictly AJAX model. The way I am able to do a lot of great choices for my app, but have to set all properities for your great controls by a Script...

But there is realy few hints for seting those props... for example, I know how to set controls size, coor, border or such, but I do not know how to make font-weight: bold while your setStyle() method is not cappable of handling property names with '-' in it and fontweight just does not work... :(

Can you please post as much KeyWords as you can ?
And one more thing... (i know I am starting to be annoying but... ;-)) can it be ASAP?

Thanx a Lot...
April 29,

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