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Hi there,

I am wandering how to set the same style for headers and footers, I mean that I enjoy the headers style, and want to apply it also to my footers...

Any ideas?
Andreas Richter
October 30,
try and use the CSS class .aw-grid-footer and set the properties there. I think you can set anything in .aw-grid-footer as you can in .aw-grid-header
Jim Hunter
October 31,
except that you don't have to set the header style, the grid does that automatically. It would be nice if the fixed footer would use the same defaults as the header.
Jim Shaffer
October 31,
I personally don't want the footer to have the same style as the header. I would use it for totals and extra info like the demo has. In that case I would use a style similar to the style of the data elements in the grid, with a few enhancements like BOLD or a different color, etc. I like the way it is currently implimented.

Jim Hunter
October 31,
Yeah, all this is fine, and I now know which style is concerned :

but how to tell navigator that style is the same as header...
how can I apply automatically the style and mouseovers...
November 2,
Same problem here, also for row headers. I think all headers showng the same style looks very clean and undertsandable...
January 20,

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