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Hi, I got an odd behavior on FF 1.5, if you have a row height definition for multiline text, 40 in my case, the text on the cell appear center o indented, no matter the ‘text-align: left’ on the column css definition, the height value is not the reason, because, you can have 20 and the result is the same.
April 19,
Ok The behavior obviously come from text.css

.aw-gecko .aw-text-wrap .aw-item-text {
    display: -moz-inline-block;
    width: auto;
    margin-left: 28px;

I drop
margin-left: 28px
part and now work fine.

What for is a 28px left shift?
April 19,
This shift is for an image and should be suppressed by the next rule when there is no image -

.aw-text-wrap .aw-image-none+*+.aw-item-text {
margin-left: 5px;

Not sure why but seems that this one does not work.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 26,

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