odd number format sorting

I have some data that has in invoice number that looks like:

when i sort this column, i want it to sort before the dash first and then after, so ascending would be:
descending would be:

anyone know how to do this?
can i set a custom sort function to a column or something?
Jonathan Doklovic
February 6,
You can create a custom format object and overwrite comparator() method. The comparator method returns function which is used in array sorting procedure. Here is the default implementation (/lib/system/format.js)

obj.comparator = function(values, greater, less, equal, error){
    return function(i, j){
        try {
            var a = values[i];
            var b = values[j];
            if (a > b) {return greater}
            if (a < b) {return less}
            return equal(i, j);
            return error(i, j, e);

Another example using String.localeCompare() is in /lib/formats/string.js

Alternatively you can overwrite dataToValue() method (comparison is made using values, not text or data).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 6,
thanks, overriding the comapator in a custom class worked fine
Jonathan Doklovic
February 6,

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