Input getting renamed???

I am creating a standard AW.HTML.INPUT and assigning it's id to a given value. If I pop up an alert prior to adding this INPUT to another control, that shows the id, it is correct. I then add the object to an AW.System.Control {containerDIV.setContent("html", containerDIV.getContent("html") + myInput)}, that has a setTag("DIV"), and the id get's changed. The before id is "Y21_U5_G0_Dat" the after id is "Y21_U5-html", what gives? The container DIV's id="Y21_U5", so I can see what happened, I need to know how to make it not happen.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
March 8,

you can use function returning the object instead of the object itself - in this case the object will not be merged into the parent html and the id will not change.

containerDIV.setContent("input", function(){return input});
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 10,
I'll gice that a try. For now I 'fudged' things because I know the name of the container object so I 'assumed' the name of the input object and right now it's working, but your method looks more accurate.

Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
March 10,

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